One of the greatest appeals of learning Python is that it is a versatile programming language. It is popularly used in the finance industry, web development, healthcare and business, among many others. By learning a widely applicable skillset, you will display how your skillset is adaptable to many different industries. For more information, visit our free webinar series .


In addition to having adaptable skillsets, it is also important to cultivate an adaptable mind set. With growing trends comes differing needs and expectations across multiple disciplines. As a result, it is imperative to have an open mind set, rather than fixed perspectives.

Machine Learning and AI

While the terms Machine Learning and AI have sometimes been used interchangeably, machine learning has been defined as ,” while artificial intelligence has been defined as “” As with Python, the application of Machine Learning and AI have many practical applications to a variety of fields, including finance, image processing, and natural language processing, among many others.

Understanding Business Needs

Regardless of what field a candidate intends to enter, it’s imperative to know the needs of the business and to acquire the skills necessary to fit those needs. A variety of training courses, deep dives, and webinars are available on for young professionals to upskill. Moreover, RMDS Lab also offers regular contests on timely topics that young professionals can use to build their skillsets and put them to practice. Placing in one of these contests can help to boost your portfolio and help your resume to stand out.



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